Lawless Intro

Track 1 : "Lawless"

Track 1 : "Lawless"


Track 1 : "Lawless" with drum tracks and transcriptions by Pat Garvey

Extract:  This hi-hat pattern is a favourite of mine and you’ll see it in more than one chart in this book. You have to be careful with these kind of grooves to make sure you get them right  you need to open the hats on the back beats and bass drum notes – they sound sloppy if not played exactly together - and pay close attention to closing the hats in sync with the rest of the pattern,

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‘Lawless’ is Pat Garvey’s first play-along drum book featuring tracks taken from his album ‘Lawless’. The tracks feature challenging and interesting grooves and fills along with demanding syncopation, ostinatos and double pedal playing, all highlighting Pat’s impressive musical skills whilst offering you the opportunity to have some fun whilst developing yours.