Lawless Intro

Track 3 : "Recoil"

Track 3 : "Recoil"


Track 3 " Recoil" with drum tracks and transcriptions by Pat Garvey

Extract : The main grooves for this track are fairly standard rock type grooves. The main tipping point though is the groove in section C, which isn’t a standard rock groove at all and is quite fast so that’s what we’ll focus on in this chapter. This ostinato is one of my favourite grooves to play, and to play around with, and which you’ve already come across by now in the track "Lawless". The groove floats around three different feels, all defined by where the backbeat lands. You can hear a majestic example of this type of pattern played by the great Tony Williams in his track "Fred". The tempo for this section of the track is 140bpm, so use that as your target, but make sure you start slowly. Here’s the hi‐hat pattern, it’s all right hand, or left hand if you’re left handed or play open handed. You should aim to open the hi-hat fully and have a good gap set between the top and bottom cymbals to begin with.

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‘Lawless’ is Pat Garvey’s first play-along drum book featuring tracks taken from his album ‘Lawless’. The tracks feature challenging and interesting grooves and fills along with demanding syncopation, ostinatos and double pedal playing, all highlighting Pat’s impressive musical skills whilst offering you the opportunity to have some fun whilst developing yours.